Pulling a bellow at the Russian embassy

You can meet me at the Russian embassy almost every day.
  • You can meet me at the Russian embassy almost every day.

I am at the Russian embassy almost every day. With accordion. With a repertoire of Ukrainian traditional songs. It is only a small signal to make clear where we stand in The Hague, City of Peace and Justice.

donderdag 19 mei 2022
door Eduard Bekker


or several weeks, people have always been standing at the Russian embassy in The Hague until six o'clock in the evening to guard large banners with the Ukrainian flag, the so -called Flag Guard . At (un)regulated moments I join them with my accordion: a Parigi AD. I do this every day that I can. And that is very often: a matter of cycling up and down to the Russian embassy and then playing a few songs, while someone stands guard at the banners. That way I'm never alone, because you never know how the embassy staff will react.

On donderdag 19 mei I was filmed by a lady who forwarded it to her friend in Ukraine, who appreciated it very much.
I assume that the Russians inside (and they sometimes come out) abhor it, but that – as long as I keep playing consistently – it will become an earwig for them.
That the few times I can't because I'm on duty at the newspaper, that they almost start thinking where is that bastard now? Has nothing happened to him?

The National anthem

Immediately on the day of the Russian invasion on februari 24, I went on the internet looking for the sheet music of the Ukrainian national anthem to adapt it for my musical instrument. But cold I had finished my version, or Mark Söhngen from Nijmegen had already created a two-part notation. I've been using that ever since. His version was also used at the great Ukraine concert on the Waalkade in Nijmegen on april the 16th .

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Niet alleen bij de ambassade. Op 20 maart ook bij het Vredespaleis, met (Bela)Russen.